Do you have the balls to blog using your own name?

relaxStarting your fresh new blog and using your real name. Do you have the balls for that? What about your friends? The people you know will find you on Google and read your blog. Are you sure? Are you ready for that?

Using your own name and stick to it has it’s purks.

For one… Readers know you are a real person and not just another wannabe super blogger with ProBlogger complex. If you are a blogger you know who ProBlogger is right. Just the best blogger on the planet. We can’t all be like him but we can have a go at it. Just to make it clear – I love that blog and NO, I’m not anything like it….

I blog using my real name. Do you?

I’ve been working for 16 hours and just got home. The wife and kids are sleeping and here I am blogging. Why? I’ll tell you why…. The only way to get a blog going is to blog! I need to feed my blog just like a pet. My blog is a living thing and without content  = No traffic = The end of the blog. After all my time online I learned that the only way to get a blog traffic is to feed it. Google loves blogs that gets new content on a regular basis. You don’t have to publish Pulitzer content everyday to feed your blog. Just add what you feel the need to publish – Don’t hold back.

Google is the beast that can make you – or break you as a blogger.

Ok, if you are blogging just for the fun of it, than what the heck. But if you are blogging with the idea to build a business around your blogging then you need to care about it. I’m not a ProBlogger…. Yet. But I belive that if I keep blogging and keep learning one day it will happen. One day my blogging will support my life-style and I could do this full-time just working part-time. Wow just reading back on that just makes me wanna jump up and down on the couch waking up my fam. Make a living doing what you love to do!

Did I tell you that English is my second language? The balls not to just blog in Swedish. I guess my ego is killing me. But then again, I know some people who are spelling worse than me and they are English speaking. You know, living in one of the English speaking parts of the World.

You are reading this blog post and you do read English? What I’m trying to say is this. You don’t have to be fluent in English to blog in English. Just try to keep it as clean as possible and you’ll be fine. It’s not the Nobel price you’re going for here. Not even the pulitzer.

I’m the webmaster of this blog and I can do what ever I feel like. And so can you. Don’t be scared – Just go for it. Use your own name and start a blog. I’m sure people out there would love to read about what you have to share. I know I would. Send me a link and I will follow you.

Have a great nite…..

By Mimmo Fischetti

I left Sweden for Denmark 1993 to try something new. I’m still here and loving it. I'm a blogger, Networker and my day job is mentoring. I'm a huge fan of pineapple on pizza - Just kidding 😎 If you like what you see? Just click on the follow new posts.

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