Use hashtags in-content to deliver real-time social media information to your readers

Social media marketingThis is a cute plugin from #Hashcore you need to install to your #Wordpress blog. See the hash tags in this post? Click on them and see what I mean. Hash tags are the perfect way to keep your readers up to date with live topics. Now you can use Hash tags in content.

Twitter invented hash tags and now Instagram and Facebook are using them to. Have you ever used hash tags? It’s like keywords or tags in a post. But with hash tags you get to the Tweets with the specific content every time.

Let’s test it out. Click on #Spotify and see what happens. It’s fun guys.

I’ve been waiting for a plugin for WordPress that can do this. And here is is. See the plugin site here or just search for Hashcore in your WordPress plugins upload new plugin.

The story behind hash tags.

The metadata tags have been actually been around for quite some time, first being used in 1988 on a platform known as Internet Relay Chat or IRC. They were used much then as they are today, for grouping messages, images, content, and video into categories. The purpose of course, is so users can simply search hashtags and get all the relevant content associated with them.

Fast forward to October of 2007, when Nate Ridder, a resident of San Diego, California started appending all his posts with the hashtag #sandiegofire. It was intended to inform people worldwide about the ongoing wildfires in the area at the time.

Stowe Boyd is the blogger who was first said to have officially called them “hash tags” in a blog post in August, 2007. I remember reading that blog post, because at the time, it was the only thing that showed up in search results when you curiously Googled the term “hash tag”.

By July of 2009, Twitter hashtags were formally adopted by Twitter and anything with a # in front of it became hyper-linked. And the move was later accentuated when Twitter introduced “Trending Topics”, placing the most popular hashtags right on its homepage. Source read the full article>>

What do you think of hash tags? Good or bad? make a comment below.

My opinion is that hash tags are a super cool and easy way to find what you are looking for on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You get all the content in one place from all over the World. Love that – So keep it clean. Only use hash tags that are in that content. If I search for #Americanidol then I ONLY like to see content from that tag and nothing else. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Happy tagging surfer. See you on #hashtagplanet

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