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Promoting and Marketing Your Content like a pro marketing Rockstar

Blog rockstar

Blogging Rockstar!

I just have to share this post with you today. Bloggers and writers like to be seen yes. And as you know just having a blog is not gonna make you a blogger pro Rock star over night. Kymberlie wrote a killer post about it. How to promote like a Rock star.

Posted by Kymberlie

Over the past several weeks, we’ve introduced you to a new series to help you improve your skills on marketing and promoting your own content.  Let’s take a look back on all that you’ve learned.

On a general level, we’ve talked about the importance of stepping up and going beyond the basics.  For example, you can pin your own images to Pinterest instead of waiting for your readers to add them to their own boards.  You can make sure that your Tweets and Facebook shares use popular hastags and keywords, making them more likely to get noticed.

Create interesting, eye-catching images for your posts to really draw your readers in.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In the same vein, maybe there’s an older post that you think is fantastic, but your readers might not be aware of it or perhaps you’ve got a popular post with lots of related content that you want to showcase.  We’ve given you information on how to do this both within posts and within your sidebars.

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How to make a comment on other blogs and get traffic

BloggerWhy do you need to know this? Why not just make comment on a lot of blogs and wait for the traffic to flood back to your blog? Hmm, tell you why. If you add a comment like this “Great post, I will bookmark it and come back often” Then they will spam you. I do it all the time. I found a PDF file with some super content about this topic.

If you are a blogger and like to use commenting as a way to get real traffic back to your blog then you better download this file now. Read it and learn. You don’t want to be that guy  – The spam guy even if that’s not your intent. Do it the right way from the start. It will save you a lot of time….

Have a great day. Download the PDF file here. It’s free.

Do you have the balls to blog using your own name?

relaxStarting your fresh new blog and using your real name. Do you have the balls for that? What about your friends? The people you know will find you on Google and read your blog. Are you sure? Are you ready for that?

Using your own name and stick to it has it’s purks.

For one… Readers know you are a real person and not just another wannabe super blogger with ProBlogger complex. If you are a blogger you know who ProBlogger is right. Just the best blogger on the planet. We can’t all be like him but we can have a go at it. Just to make it clear – I love that blog and NO, I’m not anything like it….

I blog using my real name. Do you?

I’ve been working for 16 hours and just got home. The wife and kids are sleeping and here I am blogging. Why? I’ll tell you why…. The only way to get a blog going is to blog! I need to feed my blog just like a pet. My blog is a living thing and without content  = No traffic = The end of the blog. After all my time online I learned that the only way to get a blog traffic is to feed it. Google loves blogs that gets new content on a regular basis. You don’t have to publish Pulitzer content everyday to feed your blog. Just add what you feel the need to publish – Don’t hold back.

Google is the beast that can make you – or break you as a blogger.

Ok, if you are blogging just for the fun of it, than what the heck. But if you are blogging with the idea to build a business around your blogging then you need to care about it. I’m not a ProBlogger…. Yet. But I belive that if I keep blogging and keep learning one day it will happen. One day my blogging will support my life-style and I could do this full-time just working part-time. Wow just reading back on that just makes me wanna jump up and down on the couch waking up my fam. Make a living doing what you love to do!

Did I tell you that English is my second language? The balls not to just blog in Swedish. I guess my ego is killing me. But then again, I know some people who are spelling worse than me and they are English speaking. You know, living in one of the English speaking parts of the World.

You are reading this blog post and you do read English? What I’m trying to say is this. You don’t have to be fluent in English to blog in English. Just try to keep it as clean as possible and you’ll be fine. It’s not the Nobel price you’re going for here. Not even the pulitzer.

I’m the webmaster of this blog and I can do what ever I feel like. And so can you. Don’t be scared – Just go for it. Use your own name and start a blog. I’m sure people out there would love to read about what you have to share. I know I would. Send me a link and I will follow you.

Have a great nite…..

MLM training

Start to train your new people to replace you from day one

I read a lot of books and this book by Jordan Adler is a must read if you are in the Direct sales Circus. Jordan has a different approach to the whole team builder idea. In short Jordan starts to train his new people to replace him from day one.

If you are in the networking arena you might think that this is crazy. Why would he want them to replace him from day one? Don’t he love to be the team leader? The one that everybody looks up to and call all the time?

When you read the book you will learn why he trains them to replace him. And it’s not that he don’t like to be looked up to. But do you know how much work it is to be the guy everybody calls for the smallest thing?

How to free up your time in MLM?

You’re out for dinner one nigh and the phone rings. It’s a new partner in your down line that got your number and now he needs you to do a 3 way call with his grandma. He’s all exited that his grandma is doing this 3 way call with you at 9 pm. Is that fun? Is that why you started in the business to chat with some dudes grandma at 9 pm? Hell no. Networking is about the freedom. You need a system in place that takes care of that for you.

That’s why you need to read Jordans book Beach money asap! Don’t belive me? Then see the video below with Art Jonak and Jordan Adler.

The thing or the pitch in network marketing is time freedom. How is it time freedom when you have to take every call from your whole team 24-7? It’s not right. That’s why Jordan trains he’s new people to replace him from day one.

The core task is to set your team up with the company, uplines and the right training. Teach them how to find the info they need without calling you for the smallest thing. You need to get them to stand alone and focus on their goals and dreams.

If you keep being the smart team leader then your team will only work when you work. If you stop and take a break then they stop and take a break.

Beach Money: Creating Your Dream Life Through Network Marketing

All of this and a lot more is in Jordans book Beach money.

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Why you need to be on Google plus

Googleimagewallsdigital1Google plus or Google+ is the new social media platform from Google. It works beautiful on a smart phone like my iPhone 5. The app looks great. Better than Facebook if you ska me.

But now back to why you need to set up your Google+ account.

You do have one or more Gmail accounts? If not go get one now. And yes you can add your real mail addresses to the account and have Gmail run it for you. You can add up to 5 accounts on it.

When you have your Gmail account up and running all you need to do is to activate your Google+ account. And yes it’s free.

If you’re a blogger like me you want Google to love you right. And this is the kicker….

You can help your ranking and your personal brand online just by having a Google+ profile.

There’s been a lot of talk about Search Engines wanting to offer credible, reliable and quality content within their search results. Google has found a way to help them do just that, their Publisher Tag and their Author Tag.

These two tags are also another reason why you should ensure your Google+ page and your business Google+ page are up to date and updated as often as possible.

Why would you add the Google Author Tag?

  • Well there are many reasons for that, the first is that a link with a picture will entice people to click it more than a link without a picture. Your result will stand out more.
  • Secondly, if you constantly write great content, they will push you up above the other content written on the same subject.
  • Thirdly, people could start recognising your content and this will help establishing your expertise within your field. That’s your personal branding. It’s like a celeb but you are your blog celeb. Make sense?
If you have a WordPress blog, it’s just a question of downloading a plugin. I would recommend Google Author Link.

It’s very easy to set-up and allows for multiple authors too. Once the plugin is installed, just go to your profile settings and update the information. Ensure that your Biographical Info is completed then fill in the Google Authorship info.


See the one with my profile pic? I just installed the plugin and connected my domain and email to Google. In a few days my posts on Google will have my profile pic on the left of my posts. Cool yes….

Now if you like to be a BadAss blogger and build your web Empire then get to work. Build your brand and get your leads.

Happy blogging.

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