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Trump Supporters on what If Trump Loses 2020

Trump supporters on what they’ll do if he loses. Michael Shure reporting for TYT from Georgia at Evangelicals for Trump Event 9/15/2020. Keep Hope (and TYT)

America is divided. Don’t think we have seen this much tension since the civil war back in 1861 – 1865. Could it happen again?

Trumpers / patriots going to war if he looses the election?

I found this on Quora by Mr Christopher D. Read his take on the chances of a new civil war in the USA.

Wait…are you asking if the same “tough guys” who built bunkers in their back yards, stocked them with 6 years of food and 11,602 cases of TP to prepare for the end of the world, then started wailing and gnashing their teeth after just six weeks of lock down because they couldn’t go to the barber shop or the tattoo parlor, and took to the streets in their Tacticool to protest the attack on their “rights” – will these guys start a civil war?



They’ll bitch and moan. They’ll attack “those people” when they outnumber them 5–6 to 1 (no real risk), and then play the victim when the cops show up.

They’ll break out their keyboards and, in true “keyboard warrior” tradition talk a good game, and then, when they need a break from complaining about how Trump wuz robbed, they’ll go back to playing Call of Duty.

A few of the craziest will probably wind up getting arrested (like the guy who sent the pipe bombs to “lib” politicians, or the guy who shot up “That Pizza Place” to rescue the child sex slaves from the nonexistent basement, but as to an organized resistance? Nahhh.

They don’t have the skill and they don’t have the discipline!

Source: Christopher D. Hartpence, BS from Francis Marion UniversityAnswered May 29, 2020 · Author has 512 answers and 904.8K answer viewsOriginally Answered: When Donald Trump loses the election, will his supporters try to start a civil war?


When screaming Defund the Police, remember who were first responders.

Defund the police, WTF!!! 😳

My mate Lasse Burholt has a successful YouTube channel. And because of his good videos he has almost a 100k subs in a very short time. His channel is about what he means is the right narrative in this story about Trump.

So if you check he’s channel out you’ll find good content if you’re a Trump fan? So like and share with you’re fellow patriots.

And that’s why the channel is growing so fast. It’s the Trump narrative. For instance he’s a strait shooter – He tells it as he sees it happen.

I let you be the judge of that. November is here soon so get out and VOTE! I don’t care what side you’re on – Just VOTE 🇺🇸

2020 seems to be the year when everything went haywire: Defund the Police & All Cops Are Bastards being chanted across America by left wing activists, led by Black Lives Matter.

The Silent Majority is standing up – backing the Blue. Trump supporters across America on the forefront of saying enough is enough – all the way to Election Day November 3rd.

Source: TikTok videos Video edit: @lasseburholt Featured in this video: Ashley Harman https://vm.tiktok.com/ZS5Xkodf/ Mary Schmitt https://instagram.com/marysfitbody Connect for more content & updates: Twitter @lasseburholt Parler @lasseburholt https://www.instagram.com/lasseburholt

More Lasse Burholt (New channel)

Kära pappa, jag vil bara säga en sak. Tak för allt

En stark video med ett starkt budskap som inte borde behövas år 2019! Men tyvärr så har vi inte kommit längre vad angår flickor / kvinnors säkerhet och respekt. Care Norge har utveklat detta budskap och på flera språk så vi kan dela detta så det kommer ut överallt.

See the video in you’re language

How To Master & Control Your Emotions

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

How To Control Your Emotions – A radically different way to understand your emotions and create emotional mastery. The Ultimate Life Purpose Course .

Create Your Dream Career: http://www.actualized.org/life-purpos…

Pitbull Gear allt til din bull

Denna shop Pitbullgear är baserad i USA och tillverkar dom snyggaste selar, halsband, Hoodies med mera. Dom är specialiserade i gear till bull breads.

Pitbull är ju inte en ras men ett namn som täcker över bull breads / raser. American Pitbullterrier är en ras. Och det är nog den alla tänker på när dom hör Pitbull? Jag har en Staffordshire Bullterrier som är den lilla i klassen. American Staffordshire Bullterrier (Am Staff) är större och en av dom förbjudna hundraser i Danmark.

“APT” American Pitbull terrier liknar till förväxling min hund, men storleken skiljer dom åt. Mentalt liknar dom varann mycket. Dom älskar sina familjer och är otrolig bra tillsammans med barn. Nanny dog.

Disclamier: Regeln är att det finns inga dåliga hundar, bara dåliga ägare. Som med alla raser av hundar ska du veta vad du gör och ta dina förbehåll. Jag har inget samarbete med shoppen utan är bara en fan.

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