Work your own business from home or anywhere?

Network marketing

Is that even possible?

A lot of people do that today – They start a business and work it from home. Heck – all you need is a computer and WiFi to rule the World!

The world is made up by people not smarter than us. (Steve Jobs)

You could do mlm if you find a product that solves problems to market prices! I have a love / hate relationship with mlm. Mlm can create a sales channel / tunnel for the average person without the high risk. You don’t have to gamble your house or car.

But I hate the way “some company’s and reps” run it! I Can’t stand the HYPE, and why are the products always over market price? (Some exceptions) I know why….

A better way? Check it out…

My dream MLM is a company with a product people need and use. It’s all about the product and the benefits. A product people would spend money on not having to be part of the company’s pay plan.

A product / Idea that people would love to share with friends. Something you can share without feeling like a fraud. You old players know what I mean. I LOVE the mechanics in the business model. Just not the way it’s sold.

A company that NOT offers…… ⤵️

Overpriced super products.
Just recruit everyone!
Hype and BS!
It’s easy.

A product that solves problems and makes sense to people long-term. I’m thinking health, entertainment, shopping? Find a solution for that! That will attract customers and business people all over the World. That’s a money maker for sure. And if you can run it all with your smart phone?

Are you looking or do you have a solution?

Let’s talk 😄

By Mimmo Fischetti

I left Sweden for Denmark 1993 to try something new. I’m still here and loving it. I'm a blogger, Networker and my day job is mentoring. I'm a huge fan of pineapple on pizza - Just kidding 😎 If you like what you see? Just click on the follow new posts.

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