What are they not telling us about the Corona virus covid-19?

We are in the middle of the Corona pandemic. As you know it started in China? And moved around the world. Europe got hit bad and now USA is going to be the center of the pandemic.

Getting the REAL NEWS from the Daily Show?

We have a lot of people talking about the flue. “The flue killed more people last year then the corona will ever do”. How many die by the flu?

You all seen the news so I will not get in to it.

But I can’t stop thinking that something is missing here? Is it to stop a global panic? That would make sense.

Europe pretty much closed down to flat the pandemic.

“Corona lockdown”.

We all know how people get in stressful times. In the USA today, while I’m writing this short update they are stockpiling guns and ammo.

Europe is making sure not to run out of toilet paper. WTF??

What is it that we don’t know?

Listen to the experts and be careful. We need to work together on this. Stay home and work from home if you can? Follow the rules and recommendations of your country.

I pray for us all 🙏❤️

Stay informed at all times ⤵️ WHO official

By Mimmo Fischetti

I love coffee! My family and friends. Don't take what I blog about to seriously. Never follow any advise before doing you're due diligence.

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