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Bobby Roberts Hacker Warning. Viral alert circulating on Facebook warns users not to accept friend requests from Bobby Roberts, an alleged hacker. The rumor was false. Circulating since: March 2011

The warning was about what could happen to  your account is you accepted his friend request. He could destroy everything.

Look, if you don’t give him your password he can’t hack your account. He can see your stuff sure. Contact your friends and download all your pics. But that’s it folks. See what I found @ About.com.

See the post here.

DO NOT ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS FROM ~~~ BOBBY ROBERTS ~~~ Profile …picture is four colored pictures ~~ A hacker and fake name !!!! the name will DESTROY EVERYTHING!!! PLEASE… COPY THIS TEXT ON YOUR STATUS SO THAT YOUR FRIENDS ARE WARNED************* PASS THIS ALONG.

Facebook is full of pranks like this. There are a ton of Bobby Roberts on Facebook. What about them? Are they all hackers?

Then you have this!

Amy Bruce Chain Letter

Hi, my name is Amy Bruce. I am 7 years old, and I have severe lung cancer from second hand smoke. I also have a large tumor in my brain, from repeated beatings The doctors say I will die soon if this isn't fixed, and my family can't pay the bills. The Make A Wish Foundation, has agreed to donate 7 cents for every name on this list.

For those of you who send this along, I thank you so much, but for those who don’t send it, what goes around comes around. Have a Heart, please send this.

You know, you take one look at this absurd chain letter written in 1999 — purportedly by a 7-year-old who not only has severe lung cancer but (in the original version) is dying because of a brain tumor “from repeated beatings” — and you naturally think: no one could possibly fall for this!

But, as I review the still-circulating text again in September 2011, the evidence to the contrary is all too plain — people have been copying, pasting, and forwarding this bogus message uncritically for 12 years. Twelve years! Appalling but true.

Moreover, the Amy Bruce chain letter is essentially a copycat hoax familiar from previous incarnations

Source: About.com

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