Trump Supporters on what If Trump Loses 2020

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Trump supporters on what they’ll do if he loses. Michael Shure reporting for TYT from Georgia at Evangelicals for Trump Event 9/15/2020. Keep Hope (and TYT)

America is divided. Don’t think we have seen this much tension since the civil war back in 1861 – 1865. Could it happen again?

Trumpers / patriots going to war if he looses the election?

I found this on Quora by Mr Christopher D. Read his take on the chances of a new civil war in the USA.

Wait…are you asking if the same “tough guys” who built bunkers in their back yards, stocked them with 6 years of food and 11,602 cases of TP to prepare for the end of the world, then started wailing and gnashing their teeth after just six weeks of lock down because they couldn’t go to the barber shop or the tattoo parlor, and took to the streets in their Tacticool to protest the attack on their “rights” – will these guys start a civil war?



They’ll bitch and moan. They’ll attack “those people” when they outnumber them 5–6 to 1 (no real risk), and then play the victim when the cops show up.

They’ll break out their keyboards and, in true “keyboard warrior” tradition talk a good game, and then, when they need a break from complaining about how Trump wuz robbed, they’ll go back to playing Call of Duty.

A few of the craziest will probably wind up getting arrested (like the guy who sent the pipe bombs to “lib” politicians, or the guy who shot up “That Pizza Place” to rescue the child sex slaves from the nonexistent basement, but as to an organized resistance? Nahhh.

They don’t have the skill and they don’t have the discipline!

Source: Christopher D. Hartpence, BS from Francis Marion UniversityAnswered May 29, 2020 · Author has 512 answers and 904.8K answer viewsOriginally Answered: When Donald Trump loses the election, will his supporters try to start a civil war?

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