All about your friends again? Is that the idea?

I love the groups on Facebook. Perfect for keeping track of family, friends and business. Groups for business is a tool I use a lot. Secret groups only for us…. And Facebook.

You can’t use them for any nasty  secret stuff. It’s not that secret. Facebook is checking I hope. But for business it’s fine. Not for super secret company intel.

The group app looks good. Easy to grasp. I want it now. I like to test it.

When Facebook made us download the messenger app I know users when’t crazy. Not me. I like that, I like to have the messenger separate from the main Facebook app.

I get why they did that. Smart move if you ask me.

I use Facebook mainly on my iPhone or iPad. The other apps to and it makes it cleaner, less clutter. Easy to have control over.

Let’s see what happens with this new app? Will users love it…. Or hate it?

Whay do you think?

Soon, Facebook will want you to take your work there, too.