The difference between Uni-level plan and Binary plan in MLM

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Uni-level is not perfect. But it is solid and easy to figure out. Binary is the new kid on the block. It’s faster and looks good. But it has some flaws.

Binary has 2 legs. One leg is always faster and we call that (The power leg) That leg can be huge and growing fast. But you don’t get paid on all the volume / sales. The other leg. We call that (the weak leg) set’s the pay. You can only get payed on the weaker volume leg.

In the Uni-level plan. You get paid on everything!

In my company LiveGood. We have combined the two. We are THE hybrid MLM. We use the best in uni-level and binary. We put them together and magic happens 😁

See the video to learn more about the 2 plans and image how it would look if you merged them together!

I will be the first one to admit that MLM is NOT perfect. But like my mentor always say. It’s still better than most things out there.

And I agree with him. Thanks Eric 👊

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