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A Complete Guide to WordPress’ “Press This” Feature – WPMU DEV

Press This is a content sharing tool packaged with WordPress that makes it easy for you to clip text, images and videos from other websites and publish them on your blog. In this Weekend WordPress Project we explore the feature in detail.

Source: A Complete Guide to WordPress’ “Press This” Feature – WPMU DEV

Press this is a super easy way to share good content from other blogs. But don’t pass it off as you’re work.



Anders Norén


The best free WordPress themes I’ve ever seen

Are you running your blog on WordPress? If so. You’re in for a treat.

I found Anders Norén a Swedish master in the art form of designing and building WordPress themes! I could go on and on about what he can do but I think it’s better if you just visit him yourself.

I tried them all and then I got his premium theme Lasseter.

WordPress heaven is finally here AndersNoren.se

The best wordpress solution for you comes from THESIS


Are you new to WordPress? Or a skilled pro? Anyway you need a killer theme for your business or blog. And I have found the perfect solution for just that. What you need for your website is THESIS! This is not only a theme, it’s all you need to kill it online.

I use it on by blogs, THESIS is a power source. 

I can dazzle you all day with what it can do and what a great support service they have but it’s easier for you to go to THESIS and see all of it first hand.

Sure you can use the free themes to build on….. But why waste your time on it? You could even dig in and build your own in html 5 but why spend time on that when you can get what you need already done. All you need to do is a little bending and style it.

Use your time on the task in hand. Build your business or blog content.

Use WordPress Shortlinks For Jetpack Sharing Buttons

Jetpack shortlinks pluginI was looking for this. A good plugin to shorten my long links when sharing posts to Twitter and other social media. I tryed a few before but always disabled them after a week. This plugin is great.

Plugin author Jeremy Herve has done a great job with this easy fix. Jetpack has a shortener that you can turn on if you open Jetpack. Make it active and then this plugin Jetpack shortlinks for sharing buttons will take care of the rest for you.

This is how you fix this.

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Open Jetpack. Then find WP.me and click on learn more. That’s it. Then just install the plugin Jetpack shortlinks for sharing buttons and your set up.


You can download the zip file and upload it to your plugin folder or do it the easy way. Copy  (Jetpack shortlinks for sharing buttons) and paste it in the plugin search box. Now install it. I like it when it just works. Don’t you?

See the screen shot below.

Search plugin

I use Jetpack’s sharing buttons on my blog and you should to. They are built by WordPress for WordPress. I’ll stick with them.

This is how the links will look when your all set up.

Before the plugin: https://www.mimmofischetti.com/do-you-have-the-balls-to-blog-using-your-own-name/

After the plugin: http://wp.me/pER2a-oz

Looks nice yes! 🙂

How to add a Twitter timeline to your WordPress blog

I had a problem doing this at first. And I will explain what the problem was so you don’t do the same stupid mistake I did. First you have to login to your Twitter account and then click on Settings.

widgets twitter

Then click on the widgets link at the bottom of the menu. You find it on your left side on the page. If you don’t have a widget jet then you have to create one. See the screen shot below.

Create new twitter

Click the create new button to go to the settings page.

settings twitter

To make this new widget work on your WordPress blog or any blog you have to add the Url for the website you like to add the widget to. My stupid mistake was that I just added www.Mimmofischetti.com. I pasted the code to my text widget to add it to my sidebar but the only thing I got was a text link. No widget. So I added Mimmofischetti.com whitout the www like you see on the screen shot above. And saved it. And it worked!

So to make it work you have to add the Url with www and without. Pretty simple when you get it. I had to browse the Twitter forums to find this out. apparently a lot of WordPress users had the same problem as me.


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