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Silvano Fiato Tattoo Artist

Silvano Fiato Tattoo artist

Silvano Fiato the best Italian Tattoo Artist ever seen?

This image is a loan, I hope it’s ok Sivano I just like to send some Love your way!

I’m a fan of the Art form and a huge fan of Silvano Fiato’s work. It’s amazing what this guy can do with a Stigma.

If you never seen this guy before and love the art form then do you’re self a favor and check him out. You can start with his website and then like him on Facebook. See his YouTube channel for even more vids of his work. I’m telling you. Silvano is in his on league. You can ask any Tattoo artist. They will agree with that statement.

If you ever go to Alassio Italy some day visit this Tattoo shop and ask for Derby La Blonge my cousin.

What do you think about him? Are you a fan of the Tattoo Art and if you are…. Why? drop a comment below.

How To Learn Tattooing: Getting A Tattoo Apprenticeship

Knight ink tattoo

I got a Tattoo and I love it


Today you can’t walk down the street and not see people with Tattoos. It’s not like 20 years ago when “Normal” people didn’t ink.

So I wonder, why did I get this Tattoo and why now? Hmm, First off all the artist that did mine is a pro and I know him. So I trust him to do a great job. Second, I love my kids and wanted  to do something for myself that was different and permanent.

Ok I’m 46 years old and a photo of them in my wallet could have solved that right. But I’m crazy like that. I have a habit of jumping in to things. I don’t spend too much time turning every page.

What do you think of the Tattoo?

Check out Knight Ink Tattoo on Facebook


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