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A View on network marketing from Europe – Hildeorjan.com

A View from Europe on network marketing! The new European directive regulates the network marketing profession in new ways. We give you a brief overview!

Source: A View on network marketing from Europe – Hildeorjan.com

Networking is about people loving people



Glad you could stop by for a sec. I have an idea I like you to think about.

If you are in the networking circus. The real circus of building a business networking not the social networking most people do. You know the fun useless stuff trying to get as many friends as possible on Facebook or liking your page.

I’m talking about building a business using the networking business model. The secret for success is this! Like to know? Are you rally sure??

Well then look no further…. Go back to the top and read it one more time.

Get it? Yes? super, now act on it….


Why you need to be on Google plus

Googleimagewallsdigital1Google plus or Google+ is the new social media platform from Google. It works beautiful on a smart phone like my iPhone 5. The app looks great. Better than Facebook if you ska me.

But now back to why you need to set up your Google+ account.

You do have one or more Gmail accounts? If not go get one now. And yes you can add your real mail addresses to the account and have Gmail run it for you. You can add up to 5 accounts on it.

When you have your Gmail account up and running all you need to do is to activate your Google+ account. And yes it’s free.

If you’re a blogger like me you want Google to love you right. And this is the kicker….

You can help your ranking and your personal brand online just by having a Google+ profile.

There’s been a lot of talk about Search Engines wanting to offer credible, reliable and quality content within their search results. Google has found a way to help them do just that, their Publisher Tag and their Author Tag.

These two tags are also another reason why you should ensure your Google+ page and your business Google+ page are up to date and updated as often as possible.

Why would you add the Google Author Tag?

  • Well there are many reasons for that, the first is that a link with a picture will entice people to click it more than a link without a picture. Your result will stand out more.
  • Secondly, if you constantly write great content, they will push you up above the other content written on the same subject.
  • Thirdly, people could start recognising your content and this will help establishing your expertise within your field. That’s your personal branding. It’s like a celeb but you are your blog celeb. Make sense?
If you have a WordPress blog, it’s just a question of downloading a plugin. I would recommend Google Author Link.

It’s very easy to set-up and allows for multiple authors too. Once the plugin is installed, just go to your profile settings and update the information. Ensure that your Biographical Info is completed then fill in the Google Authorship info.


See the one with my profile pic? I just installed the plugin and connected my domain and email to Google. In a few days my posts on Google will have my profile pic on the left of my posts. Cool yes….

Now if you like to be a BadAss blogger and build your web Empire then get to work. Build your brand and get your leads.

Happy blogging.

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