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Toilet Roll Changing – Teenage Instructional Video #1 by Will Reid

This is one of many viral videos on YouTube at the moment and it’s shit funny!

My kids didnt get it at first. But after a while they got the point and the humor in it. I for one love it. What a great idea.

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Google street view is the new big brother, don’t get caught on camera

google-street-view-new-fun-1024x514Google caught a couple having some adult time in the free. You can’t hide from Google’s camera cars. They are everywhere and if you’re in the way – You get caught.

Google street view is a cool feature from Google and with it you can take a walk in any City in the World. It’s really cool. If you havent tried it yet then check it out.

Next time you feel like doing the doggy in the free make sure it’s camera free ok. But it looks like the girl is looking at the camera? Is it a turn on? Who knows right.


Ok this is not the most flattering pic of a couple of bikini babes. But Google street view don’t care about a little mud. And now the World can enjoy this girls for ever.

There are tons of Google street view funny pics and  you can spend a day just browsing and laughing. Hit Google and do a search. You can even search for category. What pics are you looking for?

You could find one with you on it. Or someone you know. It’s a lot of fun.

You are sitting in front of your computer right now. Go check it out.


They caught the camera! Here you go Google. Take a pic of my ass view! ha ha.

That’s one way of saying hi to the World. I guess it’s better than the finger?

Who said that Google is boring?


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