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Apple Music works on Sonos – Business Insider

Some people, including me, freaked out upon learning that Apple Music wouldn’t work natively with Sonos wireless speakers — despite every other major music service having a Sonos integration — and we chalked it up to cold-hearted competitive machinations by Apple. We were somewhat relieved but still frustrated on learning that Apple would be adding an integration by year-end.

Source: Apple Music works on Sonos – Business Insider

Apple Music will be on Sonos soon! Don’t panic….

Zoom video conferencing the new Skype killer?


Zoom is an amazing product!

Just got on a call the other day with a partner from Stockholm on my iPhone. Never used it before. Never heard of it before. It works exacly like you see on the video.

Get the app for your smart phone and tablet. I use it on my iOS gear and it works fine. You can also just use your computer for meetings. “Don’t need the app to use ut”

Take it for a test drive today.

Check it out here


Hands on with Twitter Periscope, the app you need to know about

Twitter live video broadcasting is a squall inside an ocean of social media activity, and bobbing frantically in the middle of it like a shiny buoy is Meerkat, the little video-streaming app that could. Social media users are flocking to its bright beacon. It is the app and the social activity of the moment.

But slicing through the waves and headed right toward it is Periscope. It, too, is a live video streaming app. Like Meerkat, it’s connected to Twitter. However that connection is deeper because, for all intents and purposes, Twitter is the submarine just below the surface the ocean that Periscope is connected to.

Source content and photos: http://mashable.com/2015/03/26/twitter-periscope-hands-on/

Photo Math appen läser och löser dina matte problem direkt!

Detta är appen jag hade villat ha i skolan det är då helt säkert.

Jag har laddat ner appen för iOS och den funkar perfekt. Bara rikta kameran i appen på matte problemet så är det löst på 1 sekund och du kan även se hur dom löste det så du faktiskt kan lära dig hur man gör.

PhotoMath är en otroligt nyttig app för alla som har matte problem. Här kan man verkligen lära att lösa problem på hög nivå.

Ladda ner den här och pröva den idag.

Läs mera om denna otroliga app här


The power of IFTTT now in your pocket using the App

iftttIFTTT [If this then that] This is all new to me. A friend sent me the invite to the biggest thing ever happened online IFTTT. My friend is a shark at everything new and useful for the web. So I thought sure…. Let’s take a look at this.

I joined the network and I can’t get my head around it yet. It’s all new to me but my friend told me that he’s score on his blog went up after he started using IFTTT.

What’s your take on it? Any comments? Check it out here

I downloaded the App for iPhone and that worked fine for me. No problemos at all. You can check the App out here it’s free.

What is IFTTT?
IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement:

It looks cool and I think that this after I learned how to use it will be a useful thing for me and all of us on the web. I have to say that yesterday was the first time I ever heard about it. Never heard of it or seen it anywhere before.

But I do love new things and I will dig in and make the best out of this new IFTTT.

You can never stop learning. Always read and learn new things. Education is the key to a better life, better job, better everything so keep learning. Press pause on Netflix and read a book. Yes…..E-book’s are book’s to.

Have a great Weekend guys.

Mimmo 🙂

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