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BETA test Apple – iOS 9 today

Can’t wait for iOS9? Then be a BETA tester today. Yes you can and you don’t have to be a neard to be a part of it. Just go to beta.apple.com and signup. The final product should be out September / October 2015.

iOS 9 brings across-the-board enhancements to your devices — from an all-new News app to an even smarter Siri to better performance under the hood.

Source: Apple – iOS 9


Why I love Apple and will never go back!

Why I love Apple!

Until 2008 I worked on Windows. I can’t even remember the hassle anymore. 2008 I got my first iPhone, after a few months I got my first Mac. And I will never go back to PC, Windows, Android. Ever!

My Mac book

New update!

Apple works! It just works and you never have to worry about updates or virus. All updates are free and they work every time. I don’t need a virus program to slow me down. It’s just the best gear I ever worked on.

Apple Ipad 4 Idiots Guide + Video Lessons Learn more!

Right now I’m waiting for the last update on my Mac book.

Go Apple! you will thank me for it.

5 reasons why a Mac is better than a PC: rational reasons to make a Mac your next computer


Vem vill inte ha en ny klocka från Apple? Apple watch is here

Screen shot of the Apple watch Apple.com

Screen shot of the Apple watch Apple.com

Apple watch är nu en verklighet! Jag ska i alla fall ha ett det är då helt säkert.

Som alltid har Apple total kontroll över designen och det ser så läckert ut. Och som bonus kan det ju en massa saker som vanliga klockor inte kan 🙂

Surfa runt på Apple och läs och se allt om detta ur som kommer att bli en mega hit!


Why Apple is King see the video about iOS8 2014

Apple – Mac 30 – Thirty years of innovation

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