Start a blog step by step

So you like to start a blog? Cool. See the video to get a feel of Blue Host.

Well, the first step is to get your own domain name. That’s the Url or the name your visitors have to type in to enter your blog. I use my own name. See if yours is free? in the box below. I recommend Blue Host. It’s a low-cost hosting service and you can host more than one blog on the same account. And you can have unlimited email accounts. And you get a free domain when you get your hosting account!

Great. You found your new domain name.

Now when you sign up for the domain name you like to get hosting at the same time. If you don’t have hosting you only have a domain name. You need a host so you can set up your blog. Blue Host have a smart trick. It’s called one click install. That means that all you have to do is to select WordPress. WordPress is the platform you like to use for your blog. It’s free to set up so don’t worry. This blog Mimmo Fischetti ® runs on WordPress.

Great looking themes for your new blog

When you first login to your new blog you will see a standard theme. That’s the look of the blog. WordPress have tons of free themes you can pic from. If that’s ok then go for it. But if you like to look better, different then other bloggers you need a premium theme. You can get a premium theme for 30 – ? Dollars. But with around 50-100 you get a nice one. Studio press by copyblogger have great themes.

Now you have your blog up and running

What is your blog about? Your hobby? Business? Or do you have lot’s to share? Don’t worry. You will figure it out. I have a great post about just that you can read up on.

What should I blog about?

Tools for your new blog

I only list tools I use myself. Themes and plugins. They are all tested by me and they work.

Good luck with your new blog.


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