Smoking kills

Quit smoking

Load a gun and suck on the barrel. Same thing! Be smart – Do the right thing…. Quit Smoking. I’m pro-life. What about you?

Most people, who have quit smoking, have had at least one unsuccessful try in the past. It is not important how many times you try to quit. The only important thing is, that eventually you stay quit.

I just got a second chance to stay here. I’m not going to drop that for a smoke! It’s time to step up and take action. I suggest that you do the same.

Love you’re heart

By Mimmo Fischetti

I left Sweden for Denmark 1993 to try something new. I’m still here and loving it. I'm a blogger, Networker and my day job is mentoring. I'm a huge fan of pineapple on pizza - Just kidding 😎 If you like what you see? Just click on the follow new posts.

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