Shouldn’t we be looking for intelligent life on this planet before we go deep in space?

Stop and think!

It just struck me.

Why don’t we look for it here on the blue planet before we fly out in space? And if we find it? What would we do with them? Or, what would they do to us?

The way I see it 2014 is that we should be looking for intelligent life here on mother earth not on other planets. We need intelligent life here to step up and make things right!

Our blue planet is a mess.

I’m not talking about nature, I’m talking about us people running the show. We are crazy and we need to stop. We need to stop thinking like we do. We need to look at the big picture.

If we keep fighting, killing and suppress all in the name of (We are right) we will never solve the problems.

This is to all living on the blue planet.

We have to stop blaming each other for everything bad that ever happened in the past. We just need to stop!

Stop and think!

By Mimmo Fischetti

I left Sweden for Denmark 1993 to try something new. I’m still here and loving it. I'm a blogger, Networker and my day job is mentoring. I'm a huge fan of pineapple on pizza - Just kidding 😎 If you like what you see? Just click on the follow new posts.

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