It started late for me.

Got my first tattoo in my 30’s and then the second one 10 years later but now I’m hooked. I’m a fan, I’m a huge fan of the art form.

Tattoos are everywhere today. Most of us have one or more tattoos. And the skill of the tattoo artists is evolving like crazy. What they can do today is simply amazing.

It’s pure art!

It looks good on anyone. Just find a good shop to get ink’d in. That’s all I’m saying. Stay away from the back door shops. Not only will you get a shitty tattoo. But you can get sick.

Always go to the pro shops. The artists in a real shop have the skill set and know how.

They will take good care of you and make sure nothing bad happens to you. They live by a code. It’s not a job for them it’s a calling. They love what they do.

Tattoo life style.