How to get leads for your LiveGood business

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The opportunity looks good and all….. But.

Have you heard that before? People are waiting for your results before they get in. They don’t care about your up line results. Just yours. You are brand new and have nothing exiting to share yet.

“Call me when you are making any real money”

How are you gonna build a team if everybody are waiting for your success? My advice? Put them on hold for now. You get them later.

The reason could be as simple as this. You pitched them lot’s of opportunity’s in the past and nothing worked out? Or somebody else did?

They think it is a pyramid or Ponzi scheme?

Well, how do you recover from that? How are go gonna build a successful network marketing business if your friends / contacts don’t want to join your business? I mean, the whole idea of building a network marketing business is that you get some people to join you to help build the team right?

I learned that you can use 2 methods to market your business. I’m sure you can find more ways as you keep learning.

  • Make a list of people you like to work with. Just write down everybody you can think of. I mean everybody. Even the ones you don’t want to work with. They know people. And they know people. Contact them. You can call them. Text them. E-mail them. Hook up on social media. But don’t be a spammer. We all hate spammers. Always be polite and smile. Remember. Every NO is getting you closer to a YES. It’s just a numbers game.
    How to get unlimited leads for your business
  • Attraction marketing. Are you a YouTuber? Blogger? Influencer? Use that. Attract people to you. If you are new to this type of marketing? Start learning it. I can start you up here so you know were to start. Brand yourself as the go to source. Share some clever info on social media. Post about your business. Some leaders in LiveGood go heavy on social media and it works!
  • Time and consistency is the key. Be consistent and let the time do the work for you. People will see what you do on social media. They will not comment, like or join…Yet. But they are watching you. They are following how it goes. And when they see that you are consistent this time around and are ranking up they will contact you. It’s called fear of loss.

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