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Lock out the movie

Last year 2013 we did a movie project and it was a lot of fun. We got so much filming done but the cut it to a film guy is still missing. Anyway… Lots of fun playing a cop in a movie 😉 #filmmaskinen #Lockout

Visit Film maskinen and see what they are up to now. Ps / I’m the guy to the left.

Update! Second edition is online….


Me on the set. Bad cop 🙂 It took 2 days of filming on location. First time for me and my baby girl Sarah. But we had fun! We worked with 2 pro actors and we learned a lot about how it really works on a film set. Looking back I really get why the big movie stars make the big bucks. You have to be good to make it. It takes skill and hard work! But anyway – Loved it and we made some good friends.


After seeing the clip, I suck as an actor. But I’m pretty good with a gun!

Saving the girl in Lock out



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