Fifty shades of grey is a must read if you’re a married man

Fifty shades of grey

I’m not talking to you single people out there. God bless and all that hope you find the one and only!

I’m talking to you married folks. Fifty shades of grey I bet your wife is reading it and you don’t get why the normal “I’ll clean the house honey” Or “I’ll fix dinner” don’t work for you any more. She’s in the world of fifty shades of grey and all that sweet stuff don’t work for here now. So what should we husbands do to fix that?

If I had the anser to that question I’ll be rich right now! But I have an ide. “Please don’t take this as professional advice” I’m not the go to guy here… I’m full of shit with a blog. But here’s my 5 dollars on the subject. Read the Fuxxing book. Sorry, read all of the Fuxxing books and use what she reads in real life. Be the strong man just like in the books and let’s see what comes out of it. I’ll bet you that most wifes don’t even like it. But if you’re lucky she loves it!

Fifty shades of grey the LEGO trailer

– Reading can seriously damage your ignorance!


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