Chapter 1 of my new life

Chapter 1:

Today the 6th of mars 2015 is a special day for me. All that I have been working on is finally here. My new start in life. I still have some things to take care off but I’m on my way.

Don’t get me wrong. I had some good years since 1995. I met the coolest people and I also met the love of my life. I’m blessed in so many ways. I loved what I did for a living. But I always had my dream in the back of my head. I dreamed about a normal life.

I know. So what’s a normal life you ask? I have been in business all my life more or less. Always taking care of business. Always been on top of things. I loved the lifestyle. Sure I did. But I’m not the “looking for attention” guy that most people think I am. I’m really more a private person and I love the smaller things in life. I don’t need all the attention.

I don’t need to be the center of attention and I don’t need to be the best. I know who I am. I know what I can and can’t do!

Today I took the first step. My goal is to be a better husband, friend and father! And the only way I can become that is more time with them. I like to focus on them 100%. They really deserve it.

Make sense?


By Mimmo Fischetti

I left Sweden for Denmark 1993 to try something new. I’m still here and loving it. I'm a blogger, Networker and my day job is mentoring. I'm a huge fan of pineapple on pizza - Just kidding 😎 If you like what you see? Just click on the follow new posts.

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