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How to install FREE SSL on your WordPress blog

You can pay your hosting provider to add a Padlock on your blog.

Or you can do what I did…. Get a free one.

There are a ton of company’s that provide the service. I use Cloudflare and I use the free plan. I was looking for FREE SSL on Google and found a video that is just super.

It gave me everything I needed to set it up on my blog (This one) See the green padlock if you’re on Firefox right now? If you use Chrome it says secure. Anyways it works!

My blog is now secure.

You will need 2 plugins to make it work. CloudFlare Flexible SSL & Better Search Replace just copy the names and go to your plugin page and paste it in. The video will explain how.

See the video and follow the instructions and you will have a SSL working on your WordPress blog.



Apple Music works on Sonos – Business Insider

Some people, including me, freaked out upon learning that Apple Music wouldn’t work natively with Sonos wireless speakers — despite every other major music service having a Sonos integration — and we chalked it up to cold-hearted competitive machinations by Apple. We were somewhat relieved but still frustrated on learning that Apple would be adding an integration by year-end.

Source: Apple Music works on Sonos – Business Insider

Apple Music will be on Sonos soon! Don’t panic….

A Complete Guide to WordPress’ “Press This” Feature – WPMU DEV

Press This is a content sharing tool packaged with WordPress that makes it easy for you to clip text, images and videos from other websites and publish them on your blog. In this Weekend WordPress Project we explore the feature in detail.

Source: A Complete Guide to WordPress’ “Press This” Feature – WPMU DEV

Press this is a super easy way to share good content from other blogs. But don’t pass it off as you’re work.



Themes and plugins for your WordPress blog

Tools, themes and plugins for your blog.

I found, tested and used all of them and they work. Looks good and easy to use. And they don’t mess up any code.

Check out my tools

My latest plugin tool for this blog is Disqus. A great commenting system that replace your current system and just takes over. It looks great on your blog. You can see it at the bottom of this post. Take it for a test drive. Just make a comment here.

Cash In with Guest Blogging. Are you struggling to get traffic to your site? Read more!

I’m not here to tell you that I’m a super hero blogger with tons of traffic to my personal blog (this one) I’m not. But I’ve been blogging for some time now and learned a few things that works and don’t works. First of all traffic is King. And there are blogs out there that looks like shit, fonts are to small and it looks like a clutter bomb. But still they attract traffic. Lot’s of it.

Why or how is that possible?

It’s the content. They solve people’s problems. The web is all about information and when ever we need to know something we Google it. The trick is to solve problems and stick some good keywords in the content. Reading up a bit about keywords, tags and storytelling will not hurt your new content. Stick a great theme and cool helpful plugins in the mix and you are on your way to blogger paradise.

Happy blogging.

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