Fuck Your Fears av Johannes Hansen

MOD ÄR EN MUSKEL SOM VÄXER NÄR DU UTMANAR DINA RÄDSLOR Fuck Your Fears är min story. Min berättelse om de händelser som gjort mig till den jag är och om det jag tvingats göra för att förverkliga mina drömmar. Källa: Johannes Hansen

Fifty shades of grey is a must read if you’re a married man

I’m not talking to you single people out there. God bless and all that hope you find the one and only! I’m talking to you married folks. Fifty shades of grey I bet your wife is reading it and you don’t get why the normal “I’ll clean the house honey” Or “I’ll fix dinner” don’t…

Start to train your new people to replace you from day one

I read a lot of books and this book by Jordan Adler is a must read if you are in the Direct sales Circus. Jordan has a different approach to the whole team builder idea. In short Jordan starts to train his new people to replace him from day one. If you are in the networking…

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