Apple have the best support in the World!

iPhone_6_family-10-630I know this and it is a fact! Let me tell you the story. This is amazing stuff guys. I have 2 iPads at home and the kids love them as kids do.

For some reason my 9-year-old got hold of my iTunes password. And as you know you need a password to download apps in the app store. And some apps have this great service called (in app purchase) That means that you don’t need to enter the password to upgrade. That’s a cool service if you’re 9 and 5 and love games right.

In 4 days they got new games for 6.400 Danish kr. USD 1.000 + ok.

What do you do when that happens? I got in contact with Apple care in Denmark. They told me what to do and 5 days later all the money got back to my account like magic.

I call that service.

That’s why I love Apple. They just Rock big time.

Ps / Do yourself a favor – Get the Apple. You will never go back!


By Mimmo Fischetti

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