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What are they not telling us about covid-19?

We are in the middle of the Corona pandemic. As you know it started in China? And moved around the world. Europe got hit bad and now USA is going to be the center of the pandemic.

Remember 2 months ago?

This virus is not getting to Europe – And if it will? We are on top of it.

We have a lot of people talking about the flue. “The flue killed more people last year then the corona will ever do”. How many die by the flu?

You all seen the news so I will not get in to it.

But I can’t stop thinking that something is missing here? Is it to stop a global panic? That would make sense.

Europe pretty much closed down to flat the pandemic.

“Corona lockdown”.

We are talking about a lot of money being used to fight this. So the question is:

If the regular flu kill more people than the corona virus? Then why do we close everything down for the corona (Covid-19) ??? When to use than or then?

That alone should make us take this dead serious.

We all know how people get in stressful times. In the USA today, while I’m writing this short update they are stockpiling guns and ammo.

Europe is making sure not to run out of toilet paper. WTF??

What is it that we don’t know?

Listen to the experts and be careful. We need to work together on this. Stay home and work from home if you can? Follow the rules and recommendations of your country.

I pray for us all 🙏❤️

Stay informed at all times ⤵️ WHO official


Hygiene of Sweden is presenting the next generation of Hand Santizing

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Kära pappa, jag vil bara säga en sak. Tak för allt

En stark video med ett starkt budskap som inte borde behövas år 2019! Men tyvärr så har vi inte kommit längre vad angår flickor / kvinnors säkerhet och respekt. Care Norge har utveklat detta budskap och på flera språk så vi kan dela detta så det kommer ut överallt.

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How To Master & Control Your Emotions

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

How To Control Your Emotions – A radically different way to understand your emotions and create emotional mastery. The Ultimate Life Purpose Course .

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11 Reasons to Get a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles.
Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more.

#1. Steer clear of depression

Sleeping well means more to our overall well-being than simply avoiding irritability.

“A lack of sleep can contribute to depression,” Dr. Jean says. “A good night’s sleep can really help a moody person decrease their anxiety. You get more emotional stability with good sleep.”

If you think the long hours put in during the week are the cause of your anxiety or impatience, Dr. Rapoport warns that sleep cannot necessarily be made up during the weekend.

“If you sleep more on the weekends, you simply aren’t sleeping enough in the week,” he says. “It’s all about finding a balance.

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