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Month: February 2014

Genie WP Favicon for iOS gear like iPhones and iPads

Home screen faviconWe are all on smart phones and tablets today. So you need a cool favicon for just that. And with this free plugin for World Press it’s easy like 123… go.

Its a well known fact that major number of sites around the world uses WordPress as the web software for hosting static, dynamic, CMS, portal etc. The WordPress does not provide a facility to update a Favicon to the website inclusively. We need to setup the favicon manually editing the theme header files which usually not so easier way for the layman.

This can be overcome easily with the help of the Genie WP Favicon plugin. It provides a very simple way to update the favicon to the site.

Installation Details:

1. Download ‘genie-wp-favicon.zip‘ onto your local computer.
2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and select Plugins >> Add New.
3. Click on the Upload option at the top and select the ‘genie-wp-favicon.zip‘ file you just downloaded.
4. Click on Install.
5. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
6. There should be an additional ‘Genie WP Favicon’ sub-menu under the ‘Appearance’ option of your dashboard to setup the plugin.
7. Upload your favicon and refresh your page.
8. Network sites have to be updated individually.

Like to see how good it looks on your Iphone? Then open my blog and add it to your home screen to see it in action. Yes… You don’t have to keep it 🙂

Your blog will look awesome with this plugin.

If you don’t like a plugin to do it for you then why not do it yourself? Check this blog for a great tutorial for that.


Why Facebook isn’t rushing the new News Feed to everybody

Well if you like to know what I think? Facebook has millions of users that are old users like me. I’ve been on since 2007 and never looked back. I think that we oldies have to wait longer than everybody else.

Why you ask? I tell you why. We are the old school Facebookers and we built it to what it is today. We added millions of new users to Facebook and if we don’t like the new look and feel of the new news feed than we share it! Or even walk away and build some other social network. We are the network.

They like to test the new feed on new users that don’t know it as well as we do. They don’t know if it’s better or not. So this way Facebook can test it and fix the bugs before we oldies get it. Get it?

That’s my take on it. And of what I can see it looks great! The best yet. And I hate to be the one who has to wait for it. I like to be the one to test it…. But it will come…

Check it out here and get on the list

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