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Do you have the balls to blog using your own name?

relaxStarting your fresh new blog and using your real name. Do you have the balls for that? What about your friends? The people you know will find you on Google and read your blog. Are you sure? Are you ready for that?

Using your own name and stick to it has it’s purks.

For one… Readers know you are a real person and not just another wannabe super blogger with ProBlogger complex. If you are a blogger you know who ProBlogger is right. Just the best blogger on the planet. We can’t all be like him but we can have a go at it. Just to make it clear – I love that blog and NO, I’m not anything like it….

I blog using my real name. Do you?

I’ve been working for 16 hours and just got home. The wife and kids are sleeping and here I am blogging. Why? I’ll tell you why…. The only way to get a blog going is to blog! I need to feed my blog just like a pet. My blog is a living thing and without content  = No traffic = The end of the blog. After all my time online I learned that the only way to get a blog traffic is to feed it. Google loves blogs that gets new content on a regular basis. You don’t have to publish Pulitzer content everyday to feed your blog. Just add what you feel the need to publish – Don’t hold back.

Google is the beast that can make you – or break you as a blogger.

Ok, if you are blogging just for the fun of it, than what the heck. But if you are blogging with the idea to build a business around your blogging then you need to care about it. I’m not a ProBlogger…. Yet. But I belive that if I keep blogging and keep learning one day it will happen. One day my blogging will support my life-style and I could do this full-time just working part-time. Wow just reading back on that just makes me wanna jump up and down on the couch waking up my fam. Make a living doing what you love to do!

Did I tell you that English is my second language? The balls not to just blog in Swedish. I guess my ego is killing me. But then again, I know some people who are spelling worse than me and they are English speaking. You know, living in one of the English speaking parts of the World.

You are reading this blog post and you do read English? What I’m trying to say is this. You don’t have to be fluent in English to blog in English. Just try to keep it as clean as possible and you’ll be fine. It’s not the Nobel price you’re going for here. Not even the pulitzer.

I’m the webmaster of this blog and I can do what ever I feel like. And so can you. Don’t be scared – Just go for it. Use your own name and start a blog. I’m sure people out there would love to read about what you have to share. I know I would. Send me a link and I will follow you.

Have a great nite…..

Use hashtags in-content to deliver real-time social media information to your readers

Social media marketingThis is a cute plugin from #Hashcore you need to install to your #Wordpress blog. See the hash tags in this post? Click on them and see what I mean. Hash tags are the perfect way to keep your readers up to date with live topics. Now you can use Hash tags in content.

Twitter invented hash tags and now Instagram and Facebook are using them to. Have you ever used hash tags? It’s like keywords or tags in a post. But with hash tags you get to the Tweets with the specific content every time.

Let’s test it out. Click on #Spotify and see what happens. It’s fun guys.

I’ve been waiting for a plugin for WordPress that can do this. And here is is. See the plugin site here or just search for Hashcore in your WordPress plugins upload new plugin.

The story behind hash tags.

The metadata tags have been actually been around for quite some time, first being used in 1988 on a platform known as Internet Relay Chat or IRC. They were used much then as they are today, for grouping messages, images, content, and video into categories. The purpose of course, is so users can simply search hashtags and get all the relevant content associated with them.

Fast forward to October of 2007, when Nate Ridder, a resident of San Diego, California started appending all his posts with the hashtag #sandiegofire. It was intended to inform people worldwide about the ongoing wildfires in the area at the time.

Stowe Boyd is the blogger who was first said to have officially called them “hash tags” in a blog post in August, 2007. I remember reading that blog post, because at the time, it was the only thing that showed up in search results when you curiously Googled the term “hash tag”.

By July of 2009, Twitter hashtags were formally adopted by Twitter and anything with a # in front of it became hyper-linked. And the move was later accentuated when Twitter introduced “Trending Topics”, placing the most popular hashtags right on its homepage. Source About.com read the full article>>

What do you think of hash tags? Good or bad? make a comment below.

My opinion is that hash tags are a super cool and easy way to find what you are looking for on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You get all the content in one place from all over the World. Love that – So keep it clean. Only use hash tags that are in that content. If I search for #Americanidol then I ONLY like to see content from that tag and nothing else. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Happy tagging surfer. See you on #hashtagplanet

Photo source: Social media marketing

The power of IFTTT now in your pocket using the App

iftttIFTTT [If this then that] This is all new to me. A friend sent me the invite to the biggest thing ever happened online IFTTT. My friend is a shark at everything new and useful for the web. So I thought sure…. Let’s take a look at this.

I joined the network and I can’t get my head around it yet. It’s all new to me but my friend told me that he’s score on his blog went up after he started using IFTTT.

What’s your take on it? Any comments? Check it out here

I downloaded the App for iPhone and that worked fine for me. No problemos at all. You can check the App out here it’s free.

What is IFTTT?
IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement:

It looks cool and I think that this after I learned how to use it will be a useful thing for me and all of us on the web. I have to say that yesterday was the first time I ever heard about it. Never heard of it or seen it anywhere before.

But I do love new things and I will dig in and make the best out of this new IFTTT.

You can never stop learning. Always read and learn new things. Education is the key to a better life, better job, better everything so keep learning. Press pause on Netflix and read a book. Yes…..E-book’s are book’s to.

Have a great Weekend guys.

Mimmo 🙂

Copyright, Fair Use and Screenshots on your blog

copyI shot this screen from this blog if you like to check it out

It looks like bloggers can take all the screenshots they want and add them on their blog without violating any copyright laws? I read this on the Internet so it got to be true 🙂

Well I liked that so I started digging a little deeper to get to the bottom of this screenshot and add what ever you like as long as you don’t turn it in to a business and cash in on other people’s work.

Wow what a turn on. It’s almost impossible to get good free no hassle images for blogs to day. And after Picapp shut down what can we poor bloggers do? And now this….. Screenshot the hell out of it. How cool is that!

If you think about it, A screenshot is not a full size image and it can’t be used for much right. I hope this information is correct. I hope it is because I added a screenshot of the blog that states this to be true.

What do you think of this? Hit me with some comments ok.

Copyright bullshit!……On the web, really? If you don’t like anyone just taking down your work then don’t upload it. I get it if we steal it and sell it. I’m ok with that…. But if we use it and link back to the source, give them credit AND free traffic. Why all the fuzz?


Why I use my own name Mimmo Fischetti as domain name

Home office

First of all I was lucky to get it. Second, the crowd trying to get it was small and that means Google love my name.

If you Google my name then you will see me topping the list. Not only for this blog but Facebook, Twitter and then some.

Ok… I top the list for my name but then I have to work hard to get my posts ranking. CEO, keywords and tons of content makes that happen. An other reason for having my own name and sticking my neck out is that people can see a real person… Not some dark shadow blogger you can’t contact. So in basic I earn trust.

I use Unoeuro for all my domains and hosting. Easy to use and they have it all for your easy to use office. Support is awesome if you need it. They have one click install for WordPress, Joomla and a lot more platforms.

If you are new to this blogging World then go and get your new domain name at Unoeuro. Set up your first WordPress blog with a click. Easy and low-cost hosting. If you just like to test it out first then try it for free at WordPress.com

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