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Date: October 31, 2013

Copyright, Fair Use and Screenshots on your blog

copyI shot this screen from this blog if you like to check it out

It looks like bloggers can take all the screenshots they want and add them on their blog without violating any copyright laws? I read this on the Internet so it got to be true ๐Ÿ™‚

Well I liked that so I started digging a little deeper to get to the bottom of this screenshot and add what ever you like as long as you don’t turn it in to a business and cash in on other people’s work.

Wow what a turn on. It’s almost impossible to get good free no hassle images for blogs to day. And after Picapp shut down what can we poor bloggers do? And now this….. Screenshot the hell out of it. How cool is that!

If you think about it, A screenshot is not a full size image and it can’t be used for much right. I hope this information is correct. I hope it is because I added a screenshot of the blog that states this to be true.

What do you think of this? Hit me with some comments ok.

Copyright bullshit!……On the web, really? If you don’t like anyone just taking down your work then don’t upload it. I get it if we steal it and sell it. I’m ok with that…. But if we use it and link back to the source, give them credit AND free traffic. Why all the fuzz?


Why I use my own name Mimmo Fischetti as domain name

Home office

First of all I was lucky to get it. Second, the crowd trying to get it was small and that means Google love my name.

If you Google my name then you will see me topping the list. Not only for this blog but Facebook, Twitter and then some.

Ok… I top the list for my name but then I have to work hard to get my posts ranking. CEO, keywords and tons of content makes that happen. An other reason for having my own name and sticking my neck out is that people can see a real person… Not some dark shadow blogger you can’t contact. So in basic I earn trust.

I use Unoeuro for all my domains and hosting. Easy to use and they have it all for your easy to use office. Support is awesome if you need it. They have one click install for WordPress, Joomla and a lot more platforms.

If you are new to this blogging World then go and get your new domain name at Unoeuro. Set up your first WordPress blog with a click. Easy and low-cost hosting. If you just like to test it out first then try it for free at WordPress.com

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